On an April Morning

He is coming. Haunting.
And the earth dwells with it
The pencil stilled.
And my mind lays silent,
Hushed in tones of greys and beige.
Decomposing thoughts in the undergrowth.

I do not know - I know.
Then I lay out words
upon a wood table in greenery.
Files and tabs-
to choose what golden verb
will arise to melt the hour
the minute the apparition appears.

Shelley Rae Bell

Incomplete Dominance

Look at this recess all covered in theory!
As if the world was paper thin and transparent,
Mottled and crumpled, taking shape
Under a watchful eye.

I contort. Take a turn in the weather.
as if I could change the wind or a grey spotted cloud.
Tumbled now and jagged edged
Under a monochrome sky.

So then. Now. Take it back!
the form and philosophy, written.
I am sharp and slicing the paper essay,
the fading ink is mine.

Shelley Rae Bell

Lioness, I

I stretched out under your gaze
My skin warm. Pink where your fingers played.
I am a lioness in the hot of the day desert sun
Under a cool tree found in oasis.
Arched bones and sinew. Sleepy. My eyes slit and all seeing…
Ready for the season.
I have known you
          before all this landscape in arid ambiguity
I knew your soul as well,
           sweet loving devil garden.
As I knew myself. Before I slipped into the margins           
          Of our painted picture.
With pigment on our fingertips. Love creates...
A lion’s eyes, hungry, red glazed
          with passion. All
and every inch of paw desires
All.  And I am lioness. I am melting though 
          the shade is blue.
I fall into to the shadow underneath.
Carefully drawn for this interlude.
I lay outstretched and your Lion voice roars. Crowned.
You are King and I am conquered.
My flesh clawed fresh with bites like fossil prints.
But wait. Oh! I Wait. In the hush...
At the intake of your breath…
I rise in all my queenly state! Attired!
Strength of a thousand thousand suns.
The magnitude of skies!
My flesh. my bone. my home.      
I claim my own! My beloved, mine.

Shelley Rae Bell

Tree Meeting

There is time to meet with trees and listen...
the wind will rustle in their hair
and breathe wisdom down below.
Suddenly, if we hear, be still...

the earth will claim our agitation. Will.
Peace. Peace! Ash and dust.
Unrest will filter though our feet soul

and under rocky core -
then up through surrendered flesh -
lifted up to sky once more.

Shelley Rae Bell

The Decision

The decision came in a desperate moment.
The one that comes in a sleepless night.
The air thick around my bed
And the sheets heavy with fear.
In a diagram perfectly placed
cornered and framed in thought.
Seemed right and natural.
Put on like an old worn bathrobe.
Give all ‘til all is out then dwell in rest.
Pour out the contents of this gift
on the barren table
and awaken with dawn.

Hope, Kindly Patient

Hidden from my eyes. You.
Covered in Theory
And endless Mystery.
All In.  Me. Soggy bottomed
under marsh pit water.
Held by terror spent
on last minute love.
I, also hiding, theorize –
My eyes with shifting scales
and scaled.  Hope,
not yet realized, is stirred
in my muddy heart swamp.
And kindly patient,
waits for love’s release.

shelley rae bell

Song, Sorrow and a Flower

I have a song of sorrow in my heart.
You only know.
the first born light today
shines on me.
while I suffer notes of weariness
shadows play in minor key.
I lay down in cool downy greens
and I see
notes in blues and reddish hues.
Up and down the scale it goes
a song begging to be free.

shelley rae bell

Love Gently Upon My Heart

Love gently upon my heart.
Lean in with soft purpose. Gather my thoughts in kindness,
composing a song of passion that longs for my affections,
     and you with me.

Oh Sweet! My darling soul,
leave me alone here in solitude to be consoled by love itself.
Unless your wrought desires are born of tenderness and freedom,
     I cannot be.

shelley rae bell

Breath and Gravity

I hear this here and I am angry.
You say the words and get to choose
while gravity and all its grey weight bears down upon my head.
Its ugly breath is gritty charcoal drawn and scattered.
My lungs take in its truth. I let out air polluted.
Just go. Go! Flee before my aching thoughts break
into a song of deliverance.
Run! before my eyes spark in savage retribution.
Its drowning shadow painted in melancholy purples.
Your hand is on the precipice. Turn the knob.
YOU. and also, you.
I will lift my head and gravity falls
No longer drunk in toxic rumination. Intoxication.
Two.  And burdened. I force its substance through the door.
I lift my eyes and breathe in peace. Step One.