Lioness, I

I stretched out under your gaze
My skin warm. Pink where your fingers played.
I am a lioness in the hot of the day desert sun
Under a cool tree found in oasis.
Arched bones and sinew. Sleepy. My eyes slit and all seeing…
Ready for the season.
I have known you
          before all this landscape in arid ambiguity
I knew your soul as well,
           sweet loving devil garden.
As I knew myself. Before I slipped into the margins           
          Of our painted picture.
With pigment on our fingertips. Love creates...
A lion’s eyes, hungry, red glazed
          with passion. All
and every inch of paw desires
All.  And I am lioness. I am melting though 
          the shade is blue.
I fall into to the shadow underneath.
Carefully drawn for this interlude.
I lay outstretched and your Lion voice roars. Crowned.
You are King and I am conquered.
My flesh clawed fresh with bites like fossil prints.
But wait. Oh! I Wait. In the hush...
At the intake of your breath…
I rise in all my queenly state! Attired!
Strength of a thousand thousand suns.
The magnitude of skies!
My flesh. my bone. my home.      
I claim my own! My beloved, mine.

Shelley Rae Bell

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